Ely High School 1905-1972
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The continued growth of our website depends on all who have a connection with the school. Who can you show it to? What items or memories do you or someone you know have that could be added?

Here is what is needed. To publicise our website there is a three mini-posters page for you to print for display at your club, library, church, village hall etc where ex-EHS or their families might see it.

Edit a newsletter or website or know someone who does?  Please link to or mention http://www.elyhighschoolforgirls.org.uk/
.. best to 'copy and paste' the link as it is important to get it right.

No computer? Many local libraries offer internet access eg Cambridgeshire.

Our website is edited by Frank Haslam who edits the Soham Grammarians' website. He lived in Burwell when at Soham Grammar School 1960-66 and is now in Leatherhead, Surrey. Aware of the many connections between those at the two schools, he set up our Luncheon Club page on the SG website with input from Christine Fuller (née Bell) in February 2008. Christine's late husband John was at SGS.

The late Jackie Sotheran (née Bidwell usually brought EHS items to Luncheon Club events.  In June 2010 she provided some school photos, magazines, speech day programmes & cuttings to help start an EHS website. In October  2010 Frank set us up with our own present domain.

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Identification of faces: thank you to all providing names. If an alternative name is suggested for someone both are shown until someone else settles it for us. I

If you would prefer not to be identified please contact the editor.

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