Ely High School 1905-1972
Can you help to date this School Photo?

We have a number of school photos courtesy of the Ely Museum. Three have been identified as the 1929, 1930, 1933 and 1938 photos and these can be seen in full via the School Photos page. However we still do not know the date of the one below.

Here are images of the Headmistresses of the time:

Miss E. E. Fletcher, B.A., 1905-1929

Miss E. M. Verini, M.A., 1929-1936

EM 50.1/Panora? 13354. In this central part it looks like Miss EE Fletcher, wearing pince-nez glasses, in the gown? Hence 1929 or before.
In row 2 Pam Blakeman names Miss Piggott - Miss EE Fletcher - ? - ? - Miss BR Baird.
In February 2011 we received an original copy on loan from Brigid Knight (Riley) and Susan Riley, but it too is undated. Their mother, Brenda Taylor, and aunt, Mary Taylor, were at the Preparatory School and EHS. Their grandmother Mrs CM Taylor was for many years the OGA Hon Sec.

With thanks to the Ely Museum: If you can help please contact us
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