Ely High School 1905-1972 - An 11 plus success letter, 1957


Education Department
County Hall

7th March, 1957

Ely High School
Bidwell, Jacqueline

Dear Sir or Madam

The above-named child has been selected on the results of the recent Entrance Examination for admission to the above-named School at the commencement of the Autumn Term, 1957, that is, in September next.

There will be no fees to pay.

As a result of the Education Act, 1944, the Education Committee cannot award maintenance allowances in respect of children attending Secondary Schools until after the end of the school term in which they attain the age of 15 years.

In cases where, in the opinion of the Education Committee, the financial circumstances of the parents or guardians are such that they will be unable to maintain the child at School after the age of 15 years, maintenance allowances may be granted from the beginnining of the school term following that in which the child attains the age of 15 years. At any time thereafter, if the Education Committee consider it necessary, the financial circumstances of the parents or guardians will be reviewed with a view to varying or discontinuing or granting a maintenance allowance.

The Education Committee have, however, decided to purchase during the Autumn Term, 1957, school uniforms, that is clothing distinctive of the particular school attended by the child, for those children whose parents or guardians are in necessitous circumstances. In the case of girls, this clothing will consist of a tunic and two blouses.

If you decide to send your child to the above-named school, the Education Committee will expect you to KEEP HER AT THAT SCHOOL UNTIL AT LEAST THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IN WHICH SHE WILL ATTAIN THE AGE OF 16 YEARS. At a Secondary High School the main course is planned for five years, that is, from the age of 11 to 16, so that unless you can see your way to keep her at the School to complete this course, you should not send her. This matter requires your very serious consideration.

The Education Committee are prepared to consider applications from parents of girls who have been selected for admission to High Schools and who will be 11 years of age but less than 11 years 3 months on the 1st September, 1957, for admission to the following Boarding School at the commencement of the Autumn Term, 1957, i.e. in September next: -

Name of School Number of Places
Dame Alice Harpur School, Bedford 2


The places will be allocated in accordance with arrangements made by the Education Committee but no guarantee is given that one or both of the places will be filled.

The Education Committee will pay the tuition and boarding fees etc., at the boarding school, but will require parents or guardians to contribute towards the cost of such fees in accordance with an Income Scale.

Parents should be quite clear that the cost of maintaining a girl at a boarding school is much greater than for a day school, particularly in the way of clothing (including footwear), games equipment, laundry etc. and these incidental costs must normally be paid by the parents.

It should be noted that where a parent's income warrants it, he/she may, under the Education Committee's scale of contributions, be required to pay a contribution equal to the full cost of tuition and boarding fees, etc. Contributions are subject to annual revision and a rise or fall in income may be reflected in the contribution payable.

Parents or guardians should note that if a girl attends a boarding school they will be required to keep her at that school until the end of the school term in which she attains the age of 18 years.

When you have carefully considered whether you wish your girl to attend -

(a) the High School named at the head of this letter intending that she should remain at least until the end of the school term in which she attains the age of 16 years, or

(b) the boarding school, intending that she should remain at least until the end of the school term in which she attains the age of 18 years,

will you please answer the questions on the enclosed form, sign it, and return it so that it reaches me on or before 23rd March 1957.

If you wish the above-named girl to attend the boarding school, I should be glad if you would kindly let me know your reasons, in some detail, for wishing her to do so.

Parents or guardians who would like their girl to attend the above boarding school instead of attending the High School will be required to bring her to the County Hall, March, to be interviewed.

Girls who are not selected to attend the boarding school will, of course, be admitted to the High School if the parents or guardians so desire.

If you wish to ask any questions about the boarding school places before you complete and return the enclosed form, I should be glad if you would kindly write to me by return of post.

Yours faithfully,
Chief Education Officer.

To the Parent or Guardian

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