Ely High School 1905-1972 - Miss Haynes, Senior Science Mistress
- 1964

from the 1965 Ely High School magazine

Miss Tilly wrote:

The School lost not one [Miss Defew] but two devoted members of Staff, for I have also to tell you of Miss Haynes' retirement which came at the end of the Christmas Term. It was with profound regret that we said goodbye to one who for so many years kept the Science of the School at a high standard as Senior Science Mistress. All those who were taught by her benefited from her exact training, her meticulous care over detail, her demand for excellence at all times. Many girls who successfully entered the University and obtained degrees in Science know the great debt they owe: the many fine results in the General Certificate of Education at both Ordinary and Advanced Levels are proof in themselves of her skilful teaching.

But Miss Haynes' influence was by no means confined within the walls of the laboratories or to her own subject, she was a sympathetic and wise Sixth Form Mistress but her influence was far broader than that. She helped to set a high tone throughout the School and expected standards of good conduct and right behaviour from everyone. She cared greatly for the School as a whole and always stood for what is good and fine and true. Our love and good wishes go out to her for a long and happy retirement in her home in Cambridge.

A tribute to Miss Haynes from Cynthia Matthews (née Levett) Resident Medical Officer, St. George's Hospital, London.

Ely High School without Miss Haynes seems difficult to imagine. She has always been so much a part of school life and has, by her devotion and interest in science, and the teaching of the subject, been a source of inspiration to many. Those girls (and boys) who have had the benefit of her teaching will always be grateful for the sound basic science instruction that she has given.

Those girls who have had Miss Haynes as a form mistress will also remember her interest in their general progress and welfare and her kindness.

All of us are pleased to know that Miss Haynes will continue to live nearby. We hope she will be very happy in her retirement from teaching and will enjoy the extra time available for her other interests.

MISS HAYNES (The Upper Sixth)

In losing Miss Haynes we have lost a friend and confidante as well as a teacher and form mistress. She genuinely, shared our interests, and was always willing to talk about anything from make-up and fashion to careers and politics, but as head of the Science department, Miss Haynes always put school work first. The good examination records of her pupils testify that her teaching was not only interesting, but of a high standard.

Although Miss Haynes taught for many years at the School, she always emphasised that she was not retiring but was taking up a new post. This is typical of her nature, as she was always a very active member of staff, taking a lively interest in all the School events. We hope she enjoys her new job as much as she said she enjoyed teaching us!

Her presence around the School is sorely missed. We all miss the hand cream in the physics laboratory, the gay yellow overall and the "D.O.H. Please Keep" request on the back of our used exercise books.

Knowing Miss Haynes has been an experience that few of us will ever forget and we should all like to thank her sincerely for the good work she did at this School, not only in teaching us science, but in educating us in numerous subjects not normally on the School syllabus!
Christine Lemmon

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Miss Dorothea Olive Haynes was born on 16 February 1900 to James Laurence Haynes and his wife Annie Farrant Driver. Her father was a grocer, as was her grandfather and in 1901 the family was living at 90 Norfolk Street, Cambridge. Miss Haynes died in October 1993 at the grand age of 93. She, like Miss Brook, was always immaculately dressed and coiffured and was always interested in her girls. She was my first and also last form mistress and I remember how kind she was when my father died at the beginning of my second term at EHS.
Christine Fuller (Bell)

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