Ely High School 1905-1972 : BADGES & UNIFORM

We hope to add images of uniform items: what have you still got?
Items are not to scale.

Bedford House era EHS badge

EHS badge rescued from the
metal gates at Downham Road





Older style Hockey badge

Bedford Road era EHS beret badge: source Helen Smith

Carol Bidwell's scarf and prefect's sash: via her sister, Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)

EHS Summer Boater Downham Road era: source Wendy Roberts (Imrie)

Margaret Cockburn (Allen) EHS 1959 to 1966 writes: I've been turning out cupboards and found my old school tie.
I noticed that there wasn't a photo of the tie on the website so I have attached one of mine with the Etheldreda house badge and Posture ribbon.

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