Ely High School 1905-1972
Keeping in touch

Who do I contact?
email Christine Fuller via contact@elyhighschoolforgirls.org.uk

or write to her at:
12 Bamford House,  Deacons Lane,  Ely,  Cambridgeshire CB7 4PT

... enclosing a stamped addressed reply envelope please

by the way, Christine is rebuilding her email contact list - if you have emailed her in the past, please send her a quick 'hello again' message via contact@elyhighschoolforgirls.org.uk

On our list

Emails: If you wish to be in touch with someone on this list (surname at EHS, forename) where both you and the person you wish to contact are on email, your message will be forwarded.

In the list below we have begun annotating with an 'e' those also in contact by e mail.

If the other person is not on email you will be contacted and asked to provide a sealed and stamped letter which can be posted on to the other person.

Post: If you are not on email please provide a sealed and stamped letter which can be posted on to her.

Deaths: We are reliant on people telling us of deaths that they know of, so our apologies if someone is listed who has died.

please click here for THOSE WE ARE IN TOUCH WITH

Not on our list?

If you are NOT listed below, or you are in touch with others from EHS not listed, please make contact with Christine Fuller and provide:

  • your name (and surname when at EHS)

  • your address, tel no, and email address if you have one

  • dates when at EHS

  • did you join EHS as a new first-former? .. if not, in which form did you join?

  • with their permission, the above information for others or ask them to make contact directly

Those we are in touch with - name when at EHS

bold = staff: e = also by email
if you are on this list and use email, but are not yet annotated e, please let us know

Adams, Rita e
Alder, Heather e
Allen, Margaret e
Ames, Brenda e
Armstrong, Mary
Ashley, Christine
Askew, Rosemary e
Atkin, Elisabeth e
Atkin, Jane e
Audus, Jacqueline
Audus, June
Audus, Mary
Aves, Joan
Backhouse, Hazel
Backhouse, Jennifer
Badcock, Margaret
Badcock, Olive
Baldwin, Yvonne
Barber, Edith
Barber, Josie
Barber, Marjorie
Barker, Diane
Barker, Ruth e
Barton, Wendy
Barwick, Margaret
Beamiss, Barbara,
Beckett, Hazel
Bedford, Kay
Bell, Christine e
Bell, Joan
Bell, Maureen
Bell, Rosalind
Belsham, Irene
Bent, June
Bester, Ruth
Bidwell, Carol e
Bidwell, Lynne
Bird, Kate
Bird, Louise
Blades, Gillian
Blakeman, Pamela (Art) e
Blinch, Olive
Boutle, Mary
Boutle, Sue
Braybrooke, Eileen
Braybrooke, Janet
Bridgman, Sheila
Brooker, Marlene e
Broomfield, Rosy e
Brown, Hazel
Brown, Julia e
Brown, Julie
Brown, Sandy
Brunt, Carolyn e
Bryant, Pamela
Buck, Sandra
Buckingham, Ann
Bullingham, Joan
Bullman, Lesley
Bunnett, Susan
Burch, Carolyn
Burritt, Rosemary
Bush, Penny e
Butcher, Margaret
Butcher, Shirley
Camps, Jennifer
Canham, Eileen
Carlton, Pamela
Carman, Edna
Carter, Hazel
Carter, Olive
Carver, Jean
Casbon, Shirley
Cater, Megan e
Chambers, Beryl
Chambers, Sybil
Chaplin, Jennifer
Chapman, Dulcie
Chapman, Judith
Chapman, Margaret
Clanfield, Rhodene e
Clark, Audrey
Clark, Carol
Clark, Jacqueline
Clark, Maureen
Clarke, Marjorie
Clarke, Norman
Clarke, Pamela
Clarke Valerie
Clements, Carol e
Clift, Ann
Coldwell, Leonita
Cole, Barbara
Cole, Carolyn
Cole, Diane
Coleman, Sylvia e
Collen, Sheila
Collins, Gillian
Convine (Hawes), Vivian (English)
Cooper, Gail
Cooper, Sandra
Cornwell, Christine
Cornwell, Joy e
Coulson, Erica
Cowmeadow, Carol
Cowmeadow, Claire e
Cowmeadow, Gail
Cowmeadow, Susan
Cox, Janet
Cox, Sheila e
Crabb, Rita
Crane, Frances
Crisp, Evelyn
Crisp, Nancy
Croft, Alison
Cross, Moira
Cross, Pamela
Cross, Pauline
Crow, Rosemary
Crowe, Jean
Crowe, Marlene
Crown, Janet
Cullum, Judith e
Cumner-Price, Susan e
Czarnobaj, Stephanie

Dade, Gwen
Day, Barbara e
Day, Betty
Dobson, Ann
Dodson, Ruby
Doe, Judith
Dorling, Pauline e
Drake, Jenny
Drake, Marina
Driver, Elizabeth
Driver, Lindsay
Eagle, Ann
Easy, Beryl
Eden, Karen e
Edmunds, Sharman e
Edwards, Gloria e
Ellingham, Elizabeth
Ellingham, Jean
Ellington, Marie
Elsegood, Diane
Elsegood, Theresa
Everett, Sherry
Faulkner, Muriel
Feast, Sylvia
Fendick, Ann
Fendick, Janet
Fenn, Pamela
Fernie, Judie e
Fincham, Beryl
Firby, Sandra
Fisher, Claire e
Fisher, Pat
Flack, Judith
Flack, Pat
Fletcher, Iris
Fletcher, Suzanne e
Fletcher, Margaret
Fletcher, Marguerite
Fletcher, Shirley
Flude, Jean
Foster, Daphne
Freeman, Jane e
Freeman, Lorna e
Frost, Christine e
Fuller, Glenys
Fuller, Hazel
Gale, Dorothy
Gallagher, Patricia e
Giddens, Alison
Gimbert, Jean e
Gipp, Linda
Goodhead, Ann
Gordon, Shane
Gothard, Elisabeth
Gothard, Joy
Gotobed, Josie
Gower, Penny e
Graves, Brenda
Gregg, Maureen
Grint, Carol e
Hale, Doreen
Hales-Wigg, Molly e
Hancock, Margaret
Handley, Marlene
Handley, Maureen
Harding, Ann
Harmston, Janet
Harper, Ruth e
Harvey, Jean
Harwood, Margaret e
Harwood, Patricia e
Hatch, Frances e
Hawes, Betty
Hayhoe, Jennie
Hayhoe, Margaret
Hayward, Beryl
Haywood, Bronwen
Hazel, Mary
Heaps, Lucy e
Hildyard, Julie e
Hills, Jean
Hirst, Jean
Holliday, Heather
Holmes, Jenny
Holmes, Shirley
Hopkin, Diane
Horspool, Janet
Horton, Janet e
Houghton, Carol e
House, Catherine e
Howard, Josie
Howard, Margaret
Hubbard, Janet
Hudson, Liz
Human, Brenda e
Hunter, Patsy

Ilett, Sharon e
Imrie, Wendy e
Inman, Jane e
Ireland, Averil
Jackson, Joy e
James, Diana
Jeffrey, Dorinda
Jones, Dawn
Jones, Marjorie
Juby, Sandra e
Judd, Betty
Keen, Tricia
Kilby, Kathy
King, Diane
King, Pam
Kirtland, Gabrielle
Ladson, Mary
Lane, Grace
Lane, Vicki
Langford, Sandra
Langley, Judi e
Larham, Joyce
Latham, Barbara
Layton, Ruth
Leaney, Brenda
Lee, Eileen
Lee, Mary
Lee, Pam
Lemmon, Christine e
Leonard, Betty
Leonard, Jane Elizabeth e
Leonard, Pat
Low, Anne e
Lowe, Beryl e
Lowe, Janis
Lundberg, Betty
Lynch, Barbara e
Lyon, Barbara
Macer, Carol
Macer, Pat e
Macdonald, Mairi
Macdonald, June e
Macklin, Anna e
Maitland, Norma
Mann, Janet
Markham, Felicity e
Markwell, Pat e
Marsham, Joan
Martin, Catherine
Martin, Liz e
Martin, Pat
Martindale, Sheila
Martindale, Yvonne
Mason, Carla
McCullagh, Elsie
McCullagh, Mary
McCullagh, Norah
McCusker, Anne e
McCusker, Liz e
McCusker, Sarah e
Meyer, Sally e
Middleditch, Jean e
Minns, Susan
Moll, Frances
Morrow, Kira e
Muncey, Christine
Murfitt, Brenda
Murkin, Diane e
Murkin, Julia e

Neal, Cynthia
Neal, Margaret
Neal, Mary
Neal, Val
Neville, Jane
Newman, Barbara
Newman, Shirley
Newton, Gail
Norman, Jill
Norman, Kathy
Nunn, Linda
Oakey, Josephine
Oakey, Mary
Osborne, Lesley e
Palmer, Beryl
Palmer, Cynthia
Palmer, Hilary
Palmer, Melek
Papworth, Gillian
Parker, Angela
Parr, Deanna
Parr, Janice e
Parson, Janice
Parson, Linda
Partridge, Glynis e
Peachey, Jean
Peacock, Margie
Peacock, Pauline
Peacock, Heather
Pearson, Hazel
Pen-Gilly, Ann
Peters, Julia e
Peters, Margaret
Peters, Mary
Pettit, Claire e
Pettitt, Celia
Phillips, Pam e
Philips, Joy
Pinney, Gillian
Plumb, Jean
Plumb, Patricia
Presnell, Rose
Pringle, Mollie
Prior, Joan
Pryor, Mary
Rayner, Bridget
Rayner, Phillipa
Read, Janet
Read, Judy
Read, Nina e
Read, Wendy
Reeder, Joan
Register, Barbara e
Revens, Jean
Rice, Elena e
Rice, Enid
Rich, Julie
Riley, Brigid e
Robbins, Karen e
Robinson, Gwen
Robinson, Janet e
Robinson, Joan
Robinson, Margaret
Rouse, Liz
Rudderham, Mary
Rule, Doreen
Rush, Pat
Russell, Anne e
Russell, Jayne e
Russell, Rosalind
Russell, Theresa
Rutterford, Marion
Rutterford, Patricia
Saberton, Christine
Saberton, Janet
Sanders (Rice), Barbara (English)
Savidge, Rosemary
Sawer, Lesley e
Scott, Beryl
Scott, Daisy
Sealy, Wendy
Sewell, Linda
Sharpe, Pat
Simpson, Sandra
Skinner, Gloria
Slassor, Maggi e
Slater, Elsbeth e
Smallpiece, Connie
Smith, Georgina
Smith, Heather e
Smith, Hazel
Smith, Helen e
Smith, Joyce
Smith, Kathy
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Winifred
Sparks, Dianne e
Stacey, Pauline e
Staines, Ellie e
Stanley, Diane
Stirrup, Maggie e
Stittle, Yvonne
Stow, Ann
Strawson, Mary
Sulman, Maureen
Sutton, Elizabeth

Swan, Margaret
Swan, Sheila
Symonds, Gillian

Taylor, Jacqueline e
Taylor, Patricia
Taylor, Yvonne
Teale, Valerie
Tedora, Betty
Thurmott, Ella
Thurston, Moira
Topping, Judy
Tuck, Stella
Turner, Hilary e
Turner, Lisa e
Turner, Winnie e
Turnill, Susan
Tyler, Suzan
Veal, Jenny
Veal, Pauline e
Venney, Eileen
Wade, Ann
Walker, Pat e
Warth, Angela
Watson, Jean
Weller, Anne e
Wells, Betty e
Wenham, Kay
West, Ruby
White, Myrtle
Whitwood, Lynne e
Whitehand, Carol
Wilderspin, Meryl e
Wilkins, Mary
Willcocks, Valerie
Williams, Janet e
Williams, Marilyn
Willetts, Linda
Wilson, Eileen
Wilson, Pat
Wilson, Pauline e
Wimpenny, Audrey e
Winter, Christine
Yarrow, Carol
Yarrow, Maureen
Youngman, Gillian
Youngman, Shirley
Youngs, Avis e
Staff not educated at EHS
Cork, Stella (PE) e
Jackson née Brown, Joan (Music)
Surgey (now Baxandall), Jane (Art) e
Walshe née Bliss, Margaret (Needlework)

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