Ely High School 1905-1972 - Music

[c1968] Madrigals maintain high standard

Members of the King's School and Ely High School Madrigal Society seen in their summer concert, performed in the King's School dining hall on Sunday evening. Once again the society, Mr Roger Firkins and the other participants are to be congratulated on keeping up the high standard of previous years. Old favourites were not neglected, but at the same time there were a number of welcome newcomers, particularly in the field of European madrigals and instrumental items. Apart from one rather primitive part-song by Henry VIII, all the madrigals were splendid vehicles for the prowess of the society. A refreshing interlude between the choral items in the first half of the programme was a recorder solo; while after the interval a school brass quartet provided another genuinely enjoyable variation. Tribute is due to Mr Firkins, whose musicianship and constant help and encouragement have kept the society at a consistently high standard and moulded them into a choir which is capable of tackling the most ambitious ventures with great ease and enchanting tone. A silver collection was taken during the evening, the proceeds of which were shared equally between St Mary's Lodge and the King's School Instrument Fund.

source & IDs: Wendy Roberts (Imrie)

EHS L-R Janis Watterson, Judith Street, Penny Bush, Carolyn Brunt, Susan Dewey, Kathy Gandy, Diana Freeman.

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