Ely High School 1905-1972

from the July 1949 Ely High School Magazine

Posture Badges

Form VI. hold the highest percentage of posture badges in the Senior School with 29% ; V alpha are next with 26%. The other forms are far below these. In the Junior School U.III alpha have 27%; and next are L.IVa. and U.IIIa. with 20%. These are not good percentages. You must try to realise that when you are growing quickly a continuous effort is needed to maintain a good posture, and continuous effort must be strongly emphasised. Good posture is something very well worth trying for; but many of us do not believe this until after we have left school, when often a slack posture is harder to correct and overcome. Here are two practical hints to help you:—

1. Take a critical look at yourself in a full length mirror or a shop window — stand sideways — face forwards — and then see if you can improve the position of your head, or shoulders, or waist, or feet, or all of those things.  

2. As most of your day is spent at a desk try to choose a desk and chair to fulfil the following conditions : — a chair that supports the small of your back and that allows your feet to be flat on the floor, a desk that just overlaps your knees and that allows your forearms to rest on the desk without leaning forward.

Posture Badges Awarded
Autumn, 1948.
Senior — F. Macer, J. Drake, E. Lee, J. Wilson, S. Brown, E. Cox, H. Newton, C. Hull, C. Smallpiece, J. Haddock, S. Sadler.
Junior — M. Johnson, P. Bogard, P. Stittle, C. Clark, J. Harmston B. Neale, W. Smith, E. Wesley, R. Crabb, M. Stearn, A. Waddelow, B. Lyon.
Spring, 1949.

Senior — B. Peacock, P. Thulborn, M. Bell, G. Baker, B. Baker, P. Kidd, M. Nash.
Junior — M. Kisby, M. Balls, M. Butcher, J. Burton, J. Blackwell, M. Cresswell, M. Sleight, E. Cooper, T. Gillett, J. Houghton, P. Hobbs, B. Dickerson, J. Benton, S. Newman.

Jan 2021: Christine Fuller née Bell writes: A posture badge was awarded by Miss Higson, the PE teacher, and was stopped in 1956 when she left. It was a strip of yellow ribbon about 1.5 cm wide and was stitched onto your gymslip above your house badge. They can be seen on a few girls in the 1954 and 1956 school photos.

source: Mrs Alma Hopkin née Nunn
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