Ely High School 1905-1972 - Reunion photos, in date order

Some of the tables at an OGA meeting, possibly 1958

At the centre table x marks Mrs CM Taylor (Hon Sec OGA, Brigid & Susan Riley's grandmother), with Dr B Tilly and Miss DG Defew.
Who else can be seen? Susan Riley thinks this is post 1957 as it is at Downham Road.
Doreen Stanley (Holmes) is on the extreme right, no hat, stirring; immediately below her is Mary Butcher
sources: Brigid Knight (Riley) and Susan Riley, from their mother's (Brenda Taylor) papers: Original photo by Brian Lane
some IDs:
Doreen Stanley (Holmes)

13 May 1967 is the date on these 8 photos, taken in the Crush Hall of the Downham Road campus.

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL1 May 1967
- Who are they?

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL2 May 1967
- Who are they? The name M Haylock is on the back of this one
at table: Doris Moxon - 2 - 3 - 4 - Irene Bent (Coverdale) - 6
some IDs: Doreen Stanley (Holmes)

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL3 May 1967
- Who are they?

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL4 May 1967
- Who are they? 1 - 2 - Peggy Mitcham - 4 - Grace Thompson - 6

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL5 May 1967
- Who are they? 1 - Nora McCullagh - Sheila Gorham - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL6 May 1967
- Who are they? Connie Smallpiece - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL7 May 1967
- Who are they? The names Moody and Haylock are on the back
Eileen Stubbings née Tunnell* - Miss Moody - Miss Defew - Margaret Haylock - Mary Titterton - Ann Burrows
* Claire Pettit has spoken to Eileen's daughter who thinks Eileen was at EHS 1938-43

source: Sheila Gorham: Photo BL8 May 1967 (there is another but it is almost the same as this)

Who are they?

Former staff - 1995 at Pam Brook's at Woking

: L-R: Mary Reynolds (Domestic Science - Byfield) - Pam Brook (English) - Ruth Johnson (Domestic Science)
- Lorna Higson (PE) - ? - Nan Bridge (Art) - Jane Surgey (Art - Baxandall) - Patricia Warwick (English - Mockridge) - Stella Cork (PE)
source: Stella Cork

1997 Reunion Brook House, 14 May

Standing: Sheila Cox
Seated: Norah McCullagh - Eileen McCullagh - Mary McCullagh - Janet Hubbard
image source: Sheila Heavens (Cox)

2000 Reunion - Nyton House group

L-R: Ruby Dodson - Lorna Freeman - Bridget Rayner - Beryl Lowe - Judith Sowerby (back, glasses) - Margaret Neal (in front of Judith Sowerby) - Gillian Ellis - Linda Nunn (front, necklace & bag) - Rosemary Harris (grey hair, back) - Christine Winter (tartan, glasses) Grace Lane (blue) - Janet Horspool (front, glasses) - Betty Leonard (grey, fringe) - Edna Carman (front, round badge) - Joy Smith (back) - Brenda Lythell (poppy) - Myrtle Tye (glasses)
Image via Lorna Delanoy: names are 'then'.

2000 Reunion - Class of 61 - Nyton Hotel, Barton Road, Ely

Class ’61 Reunion in 2000 at the Nyton Hotel, Barton Road, Ely Photo ‘left half’, via Wendy Roberts (Imrie)
Standing: Monica Vince, Judy Fernie, Wendy Imrie, Margaret Cater, Margaret Harwood, Pat Uttridge, Philippa Rayner, Judith Robinson, Linda Law, Angela Gamble, Denise Joyce, Rosemary White, Marilyn Carter, Anne Elizabeth Wyllie, Brenda Goodjohn
Sitting: Marilyn Flemans, Sally Holgate, Kathy Warth, Ann Penn, Eileen Gandy, Rosemary Parsley


Class ’61 Reunion in 2000 at the Nyton Hotel, Barton Road, Ely Photo ‘right half’, via Wendy Roberts (Imrie)
Standing: Janet Russell, Alison Brown, Hilary Cutchey, Joyce Bowman, Josephine Carter, Carole McKee, June Goodge, Brenda Hardy, Ann Stimson, Ann Ladson, Ann Wade, Sandra Long, Carole Linsey, Elsbeth Slater, Janice Lee, Gillian Symons, Judith Doe behind Corinne Green, Caroline Faben
Sitting: Louise Wyllie, Kathleen Jordan, Sandra Taylor, Judith Street, Mrs Hawes, Sandra Pateman.
Missing from photo: Carol Brown, Pamela Cross

2001 Reunion, Brook House, Soham - "all the Boots Girls"

According to Sheila at one time you had to be ex-EHS to stand any chance of getting a job at Boots in Ely.
Standing: Sheila Cox - Norah McCullagh - Joyce Larham
Sitting: Pat Hyam - Jean Haylock
image source: Sheila Heavens (Cox)

2003 Reunion, Soham Motel

November 2004 Class of 65 Reunion

Said to be in this photo (not in any order) provided by Pauline Veal 60-65 (now Ogden): Pat Nicholas, Linda Parsons?, Pauline Veal, Ann Goodhead, Caroline Fuller?, Anne Steadman, Valerie Harding, Wendy Rayner, Jean Andrews, Pat Rawlings?, Maggie Lowe?, Kathy Judd, Ruth Layton, Elizabeth Martin, Barbara Fall, Jane Sandham, Christine Simpson, Angie Crane, Pamela Lee, Margaret McDonald?, Christine Wakefield?, Sue Johnson, Janice Faux, Bonita Ransome, Angie Jefferies, Susan Lord?, Angela Kidd, Julie Pollard?, Sandra Reynolds, Christine Ward, Sylvia Saberton?, Carolyn Cole, Jenny Simmons

2006 Reunion, 9 September - Soham Motel - Class of 1951

L-R: Mary Armstrong - Jennifer Hammond - Hazel Pearson - Lorna Freeman - Ruby Dodson - Marlene Handley - Edna Carman - Dawn Chambers - Grace Lane - Beryl Lowe - Margaret Neal
Image via Lorna Delanoy: names are 'then'.

At Brook House, in the garden - September 2006

front three: Freda Kerridge, Gwen Dade and Brenda Gilbert
front row of main group: Jackie Bidwell on left to Christine Bell on right
image source: Sheila Heavens (Cox)

Christine Fuller (Bell) adds: There is a story as to why the three ladies at the front are separate from the rest. They were meeting up for the first time since they were classmates at EHS more than 50 years ago. Gwen has lived in British Columbia, Canada for many years and was here visiting for a few weeks; her daughter Patricia Fisher, who also lives in BC, had joined us at a previous Reunion and was able to meet up with her former EHS friends.

2010 Reunion, Sugar Beet Club, Lynn Road

Norah McCullagh - Sheila Cox - Sheila Lemmon (who travelled from USA) - Janet Lane - Hazel Carter
image source: Sheila Heavens (Cox)

2010 Reunion - Class of 61 - Nyton Hotel, Barton Road, Ely

Class ’61 Reunion in 2010 at the Nyton Hotel, Barton Road, Ely Photo via Wendy Roberts
Standing: Wendy Imrie, Pat Uttridge, Margaret Harwood, Carol Brown, Sally Holgate, Ann Rees, Joyce Bowman, Josephine Carter, Janet Russell
Sitting: Caroline Faben, Corinne Green, Brenda Goodjohn, Judith Robinson, Alison Brown, Rosemary Parsley, Ann Penn, Judith Doe

Cambridge, May 2011

22 Dec 11: Claire Darlington (née Fisher) provides a photo taken at a get-together of some of those who were senior girls in the final year of EHS. It was at Cathy Suter's house in Cambridge in May of this year. Claire says: "I had not seen some of those present for over forty years! A very good time was had by all."

L-R: Cathy Suter, Claire Fisher, Jennie Parsons, Gaye Kerridge, Christine Frost, Debbie Nicole, Julia Brown, Janet Peacock.

14 May 2011 Annual Luncheon, Sugar Beet Club, Lynn Road

2012 - Class of year 1951

L-R Back: Hazel Pearson - Grace Lane - Wendy Barton - Gwen Robinson -  Lorna Freeman - Jennifer Hammond
Middle: Celia Pettit - Margaret Neal - Bridget Rayner - Wendy Reed - Christine Winter - Rosemary Harris - Beryl Lowe
Seated: Edna Carmen - Linda Nunn
Taken by Edna Collinson and provided by Beryl Clark née Lowe

18th May 2013 Annual Luncheon, Sugar Beet Club, Lynn Road

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