Ely High School 1905-1972 - The School Hymn

O God, Whose Light glows in the golden sunshine,
In the white glory of the moon by night,
In gleam of stars, in all that's clear and lovely,
Shed in our hearts the radiance of that light,
Let no blind shadow hide Thee from our sight.

All that is true and beautiful Thou shapest,
Wide spaces, mountains, cloud in spreading skies,
The birds, the coloured flowers, the shining waters,
May we behold them with rejoicing eyes
And make our lives a thankful sacrifice.

Thou framed'st the Universe and it is goodly,
Thou fashioned'st man and set his spirit free:
Help us in little things to seek the highest,
Guard us from sluggard insincerity,
That all we think and do be fit for Thee.

Thine is the Love that passeth understanding,
Thy spirit comes to comfort us, and bless:
May Thou abide in us and give us power
To venture on in joyful steadfastness,
And build Thy Holy Kingdom in this place.

harmonised by AW (Arthur Wills)

Christine Fuller née Bell: Miss Verini wrote the music during her tenure as the second Head of EHS (1929-1936) and the words were written by Miss Elspeth Simpson who may have been a member of staff at the same time.

words source: Jackie Sotheran née Bidwell

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