Ely High School 1905-1972: Staff

Staff Arrivals

Staff Departures

This list is based on the school magazines plus the appointments list at Shire Hall - see sources below.

Please contact us if you can other names to this list. Where missing, please also add subject(s) and start-end years.

The staff pages may eventually be consolidated and re-ordered.

* former pupils who returned to teach

Those on staff 1905-1925

Miss Fletcher (Head)
Miss Pater
Miss Pigott
Miss Le Pelly
Mrs Maskell
Miss Hay
Miss Burn
Mrs Morris
Miss Baird
Miss Kingdon
Miss Lawrence


Miss Phoenix
B Bufton (History) (later Mrs Staniforth)
GD Defew* (English)
Miss Simpson
Mrs Rigby
Miss Butler
Mrs Wright
Miss Hutchinson
Miss Garnett
Miss Page
Miss Roe
A Turner (Domestic Science)
G Watkins (PE)
E Groves (Domestic Science)
M Crane (English)
M Brown
J Broady (French)/(German)
P Gowing Scopes (PE)
M Dix (English)
F Carter (History)
V Benee (French)
M Barker (PE)
E Bradfield (Classics)
M Bradman (PE)


K Balmforth (RE)
H Bichan (French)
O Bell (RE) later Lecturer Rolle College, Exmouth
B Chamier (Geography)
M Eggins (Latin)/(German)
J Gibbs (French)

*Miss Beadman (Gym)
Miss Bradfield (Scripture)
Miss Bicken (Anything?)
Miss Carter (History)
Miss Cooper (Music)
Miss Crane (English)
Miss Dix (English)
Miss Groves (Domestic Science)
Miss Haines (Biology)
Miss Mullin (French)
Miss Ripley
Mrs Staniforth (Maths)
Miss Stanway (Maths)
Miss Turner (Domestic Science)
Miss Waterman (Geography)
Mrs Zagorzycka (Art)


R Green (Geography)
I Boreham (French)
Miss Mahoney (English)
Miss Mason
Miss Richardson
Miss Roe
Mrs Wise


M Arkinstall (Geography)
E Carille (French)
P Castle (Art)
J Chreseson (English)
B Foyster (French)/(German)
Miss Mabley (Art) 


D Baines (English)
Miss Baker
Miss Blakeman* (Art)
Mlle Beyret (French)
M Bliss (Domestic Science)
J Blyth (Latin)
E Bosomworth (French)
Mrs Bowden (PE)
Mrs Bradford (Biology)
N Bridge (Art)
P Brook (English)
J Brown (Music)
E Brougham (PE)
M Buley (Biology)
J Bunn (English) later became a teaching nun
J Charmeaux (French)
A Clay (Art)
S Cork (PE)
Mrs Covey-Crump (Maths)
D Cullen (Maths)
M Cumming (Domestic Science)
J Darrell (Music)
J Davis (Latin)
Mr Digby (Maths)
M Diggle (English)
M Dobson (History)
H Fells (Maths)
Mlle Froissant (French)
M Fuller (Maths)
Mlle Gehin (French)
J Grove (History)
L Higson (PE)
J Hill (Latin)
Mrs Jeffries (History)
R Johnson (Domestic Science)
Mrs Kellett (Classics)
Miss Lacy
E Langton (Geography)
Mrs Lewins
Mrs Neill (Biology)
Miss Nicklin
Miss Norrish
M Penny (Science)
Mr Raby (RE)
M Reynolds* (Domestic Science)
M Riley (Geography)
Mrs Schwartz (Maths)
Mrs Seabrook (PE)
Mrs St Joseph
H Stanyer (Geography)
J Surgey (Art)
Miss Thomas (English)
Miss Walker
P Wilby (French)
Mrs Zagorzycka (Art)

from the 1961 magazine

Miss F Bramley (Classics)
Mrs. J Delany (Foweather) (Domestic Science)
Miss Huddlestone (Maths/Science)
Miss Morrell (PE)
Mrs. Munby (History)
Miss Talbot (French)
Mlle Vaillant (French)

from the 1962 magazine

Miss Brinkworth (History)
Mlle Escribano (French)
Mrs. Hywel–Jones (RE)
Miss Taylor (Biology)
Mrs. Thorgerson (Art - Pottery)

from the 1963 magazine

Miss Convine* (English)
Miss Cook (Maths)
Mrs. Ellis (History)
Mlle Françoise Martin (French)
Mrs. St. Joseph (French)

from the 1964 magazine

Miss Baines (?)
Miss Gage (French)
Miss Howard (History)
Miss Hughes (Physics)
Miss Richardson (RE)
Mrs. Salway (Classics?)

The School Staff, 1964-65 - from the 1965 magazine


Mrs Bedford
Miss Bensly
Miss Game (Physics)
Miss Greatorex (PE)
Mrs Marshall (French)
Mrs Moseley (English)
Mrs Worthington (Science)

please click for a larger version
Front row, left to right: Miss Stanyer, Miss Bridge, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Hawes, Mrs Jones (Deputy Headmistress), Doctor Tilly (Headmistress), Miss Whitmee (School Secretary), Miss Langton, Miss Reynolds, Miss Brinkworth, Miss Dewar.
Back row, left to right: Miss Baines, Miss Howard, Mrs Thorgerson, Miss Greatorex, Miss Bensly, Mrs Wells, Mrs Worthington, Miss Taylor, Mrs Gamgee, Miss Cook, Mrs Covey-Crump, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Bedford.
Photograph, Monica Sindall
please click on the image for a larger version

from the 1966 magazine

Mrs Garnett (Art)
Miss Hatley (PE)
Miss Haylock* (Domestic Science)
Mrs H. McKay (Science) there was also a Mrs M. McKay (French) - don't know the year she arrived
Miss Magee (English)
Mrs Rice* (English)

from the 1967 magazine

Mr Gordon (Classics and Latin)
Mrs Greenwood (Music)
Miss Hearnshaw (Maths)
Mrs Salkeld-Green (Classics)
Miss Watson (English)

from the 1968 magazine

Mrs Batts (Biology)
Mrs Campion (French)
Mrs Endicott (English)
Mr Morris (Biology)
Mr Murphy (Laboratory Assistant)
Miss Shears (Physics and Maths)
Mr Thompson (Geography)
Mr Trotter (History)

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sources: Christine Fuller (Bell) writes: "I've been scouring school magazines plus the appointments list at Shire Hall and have come up with a list of teachers which I have attached - it is by no means complete but hopefully other names will be supplied."
* The 1947 'Miss' names are from Ann Casey whose mother, Elizabeth Green, wrote them on her July 1947 EHS Magazine.