Ely High School 1905-1972 - MS Dunera Cruise, March 1964

British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd MS DUNERA 12620 tons
source: Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)

Venice - Malta - Tunis - Cagliari, Sardinia - Gibraltar - Lisbon - London

source: Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)


1. The balance of the money 43 will be required at the beginning of next term, either by cheque or money-order, and not in bank notes. Not later than January 10th., i.e. immediately after the beginning of next term.
2. POCKET MONEY The Shipping Company advise that the 3 to 5 pocket money should be brought in the form of travellers' cheques. These can be cashed on board with a representative of Barclays Bank.
3. HEALTH REQUIREMENTS. At present no vaccinations are compulsory for this cruise, although it is always advisable to be in possession of an international smallpox vaccination certificate when travelling abroad. Should vaccination requirements alter in any way you will be advised immediately. If you propose to have your daughter vaccinated please do so during the Christmas holidays.
4. CLOTHING. Personal belongings must be in a suitcase that the child can easily carry herself. A small overnight bag is also necessary, containing a sponge-bag and anything else required on the journey. Do not take too many clothes. The following clothes are recommended:-

2 Skirts (one used for travelling in and should not be too tight)
2 Warm sweaters.
Shorts for deck games.
Shirt blouse - with collar for protection against sun.
2 Pairs of rubber soled shoes (stiletto heels are dangerous to wear on board)
Swimming things (optional) simple-cotton or other suitable type
2 simple dresses - if you want to.

Travel in: Travel skirt, blouse, cardigan/pullover - school blazer, mackintosh.
Everyone must have a school blazer with badge.
Dark Glasses

5. Everyone must take a file in which to keep notes on the trip. G.C.E. forms also take revision work.
6. INSURANCE. The Shipping Company require every member of the party to be insured for Personal Accident, Third Party, Medical and Emergency Travel Expense. The cost for this is 5/- per head, and cover is provided from the day of assembly to day of dispersal, both days inclusive. The Company also recommend baggage insurance. This is at the rate of 3/- for 50. Please bring to school as soon as possible 8/- insurance money.
7. If parents wish they may insure themselves privately for any journey taken to see their daughter in an emergency.

source: Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)


August 1964 MS Dunera cruise

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