Ely High School 1905-1972


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YEAR Source YEAR Source
Jul 1915 Christine Fuller (Bell), by permission of the Cambridgeshire Collection. Originally thought to be pre 1929 and then 1920 or earlier, this is now dated 1915 by Rosemary Mahy (Cranwell), niece of two of the girls shown. This very large group photo is of those taking part in a Gym display. Jul 1952 provided by Lorna Delanoy (Freeman), via Christine Fuller (Bell)
May 1925 Brigid Knight (Riley) and Susan Riley. Their mother, Brenda Taylor, and aunt, Mary Taylor, were at the Preparatory School and EHS. Jul 1954 Wendy Khan (Sealy)
May 1927 Marian Younge (Register) added June 2013 Jul 1956 Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)
Jun 1929 Miss JM Spreckley, via Miss Pam Blakeman Jun 1959 Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)
1930 from a full school image kindly provided by the Ely Museum Jul 1963 Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell)
1933 Brigid Knight (Riley) and Susan Riley. Their grandmother Mrs CM Taylor was for many years the OGA Hon Sec. Brigid and Susan's 1933 photo (Panora # 19337) matched one of the two undated school photos sourced by the Ely Museum via Christine Fuller (Bell). Apr 1967 Anne Blake (Russell) and Glynis Bond (Partridge)
Jun 1938 from a full school image kindly provided by the Ely Museum (previously thought to be the 1937 photo) Oct 1971 the final EHS school photo, courtesy of Tim Webb

Identification of faces: thank you to all who have provided names for faces. Sometimes we get more than one name for a face, in which case we show both until someone else settles it for us.

In preparation

(when dated) an early school photo courtesy of Ely Museum ... we hope that some of you may be able to lend or donate other EHS School Photos to enable fill in the gaps in our on-line collection, especially the photos from the 1940s

If you can provide any other EHS School Photos, or any photos of forms, sports, productions or any other activities at EHS please contact us. Were there any school photos taken in the late 1940s (SGS had ones in 1946 and 1949)?

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